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Irrigation and Fertigation Specialists

When you choose BB Hobbs for irrigation or fertigation system design, you aren’t just getting a new way of growing your crops—you’re putting our 25+ years of experience as an industry leader to work for you. We have worked with growers of all sizes—from 1 to 1000 acres. No matter the size of your land, we can build, install, and maintain an irrigation or fertigation system that will help you achieve higher yields and better overall quality.

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for growers. While BB Hobbs focuses on irrigation and fertigation solutions our partner company, Liberty Acres Fertilizer, focuses on the agronomic needs of growers. Liberty Acres has delivered over 22 million gallons of fertigation-grade liquid fertilizer to new and repeat customers in just the last 10 years alone. Working in tandem with BB Hobbs since 1992, Liberty Acres offers both high-grade fertilizers and agronomic services to growers. Using fertigation-grade liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer, and high-quality foliar nutrients, Liberty Acres can work with growers to build a custom plant nutrition plan based on their crop and soil types.

Irrigation and Agronomic Experts

We take a comprehensive approach to providing solutions for the agriculture industry, specifically for commercial
vegetable, nursery, blueberry, strawberry, orchard/grove, row crops, and greenhouse growers.

While we offer a wide variety of drip, sprinkler, and pivot irrigation, frost protection, travelers, and fertigation equipment
products, we can also design, create, install, and maintain complete irrigation/fertigation solutions based on your needs.

We have an experienced team of designers, engineers, and servicemen who can oversee the design, installation, operation,
and maintenance of your irrigation system. We have built customized irrigation and fertigation systems for clients
all over the Southeast and strive to combine the correct irrigation system, fertigation control equipment, fertilizer, and management systems to help make your yield higher than ever before.

Our company offers fertilizer ranging from a fertigation-grade liquid fertilizer to the more traditional dry fertilizer. We have agronomists and knowledgeable staff who can recommend fertilizers to meet a grower’s individual crop needs. We offer soil and tissue sampling to better analyze crop conditions. We also offer individual crop nutrition plans to guide the grower throughout the growing season.

We have been meeting the irrigation and fertilizer needs of the Southeast region of the United States (South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee) for over 20 years and adhere to the goal of making our growers the most productive in their respective markets. Please take time to browse our irrigation and fertilizer products and learn more about our services. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your unique needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.